Area baseball fans will literally be in heaven next month, as they’ll have the chance to see both the Chicago Cubs and Quad Cities River Bandits play in separate games at the “Field of Dreams” site in Dyersville, Iowa.

Not only that, Dyersville Events, Inc. received a $250,000 grant from Dubuque-based DRA to help support programs and activities taking place in the Dyersville area Aug. 9 – 12, 2022 (an hour and a half north of Davenport).

This funding will help support Beyond the Game, a multi-event fan experience, and the new If You Build It Exhibit, which allows you to revisit your favorite moments from the iconic 1989 “Field of Dreams” film and hear about behind-the-scenes stories about how the movie was made.

The Aug. 11 MLB game between the Cubs and Reds will be played at the park at left, next to the “Field of Dreams” site in Dyersville.

This year’s MLB game at the Field of Dreams location features the Chicago Cubs and the Cincinnati Reds on August 11. The first MLB game held there was Aug. 12, 2021, between the Chicago White Sox (designated as the home team) and the New York Yankees. It was the first MLB game played in the state of Iowa, and the White Sox won, 9–8, on a walk-off home run by Tim Anderson.

The Quad Cities River Bandits and Cedar Rapids Kernels will play in an Aug. 9 game at the now-iconic ballpark next to the historic “Field of Dreams” movie site. In a throwback to a bygone era of sports, the hosting River Bandits will play as the Davenport Blue Sox (their name during 1913-1916, 1929-1933 and 1934-1937) against the Kernels as the Cedar Rapids Bunnies (their name from 1904-1932), for the ‘MiLB at Field of Dreams‘ Game.

The QC River Bandits (as the Davenport Blue Sox) will take on the Cedar Rapids Kernels (as the Bunnies) Aug. 9 at the “Field of Dreams.”

“We are thrilled to be able to host a game at such a perfect location for baseball fans from Eastern Iowa and around the world,” Bandits owner Dave Heller said. “This is an opportunity that we have hoped for since MLB announced plans to build a ballpark in Dyersville, and to see it come to fruition is really exciting for our organization, and for the Kansas City Royals, our players and Bandit fans from across the region.”

“We are pleased to be able to provide significant support for the programs and activities planned in the Dyersville area during a week that will bring thousands of visitors to the area to not only see an MLB game, but to also experience our fine region and the Field of Dreams firsthand,” Alex Dixon, president/CEO of the DRA and Q Casino, said in a Tuesday release.

“We have a long history of supporting community events, so whatever we can do to help put a positive spotlight on Dyersville – as well as the greater Dubuque area – is important to us.”

Members of the Chicago White Sox and the New York Yankees take the field prior to a game at the Field of Dreams on Aug. 12, 2021 in Dyersville, Iowa. (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

Besides the scheduled MLB game, which is a highlight of the week, there are plenty of other activities that are available to visitors of all ages. The DRA’s donation will help support a full schedule of events and activities.

“We are excited about the many different things we have planned this year, so we are very appreciative of the financial support DRA is providing to help make all of this possible,” said Keith Rahe, president/CEO of Travel Dubuque. “From concerts and the USA Patriots Game to the Fan Fest event and the MLB Viewing Party, we have something for everyone – even multiple appearances by the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales – so it should be a great time for all visitors.”   

The donation to Dyersville, Inc. and the support of these activities in August is also representative of the new emphasis DRA is putting on projects and initiatives that address specific community needs and that focus on capacity-building.

The Quad Cities River Bandits and Cedar Rapids Kernels will battle August 9 at the ‘MiLB at Field of Dreams’ Game.

“This award is the largest of its kind that we have given so far,” said Kathy Buhr, Director of Strategic Philanthropy & Schmitt Island Development for DRA. “Moving forward, we are placing a lot more emphasis on investing in projects, programs and initiatives that focus on attracting people, growing the population and enhancing the Dubuque area as a tourism destination. The Beyond the Game festivities and the new If You Build It Exhibit are good examples of what this is all about.”