QC Businesses giving back during coronavirus pandemic

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While much of the country is at a standstill due to the fears of COVID-19, businesses in the Quad Cities are doing their part to help residents get through this difficult time.

“If we can do our part, we have a bunch of trucks why not put them to work,” says Kevin Waeyaert with Kale Heating and Cooling Company.

Kale Heating and Air Conditioning Company in Moline is providing free delivery service for at least two weeks to any Quad City resident unable to leave their home, and need supplies. It’s a way the employees can stay on payroll, and a way residents in need can have supplies delivered to them at no charge. 

“My boss is going to cover the wages for all these guys who are going to be out here doing the work, gas anything else. We will not be charging the public anything for this process,” says Waeyaert. 

Here’s everything you need to know about all it all works:

*This is a free program. Our community will not be charged for delivery services whatsoever. Our technicians will be paid for their travel time using company identified vehicles.

* Hours from 8am -430pm Monday- Friday. You can call the company at (309) 797-9290.

* We will be running this program for the next 2 weeks with the option to stop or extend the program as affected by government regulations.

*Call or place orders online at any Quad Cities retailer, grocery, or restaurant. Orders must be paid for before we will dispatch a technician to pick up and deliver.

*Once order is complete, call Kale Company at 309-797-9290 and provide us with your name and address, the vendor address, order number, and time the order is ready for pick-up. We will then dispatch a driver to pick-up the order and deliver to your residence.

* We will call when outside of home, drop supplies off at the front door, knock and leave to avoid contact or interaction with the homeowner.

*We will wear rubber gloves when moving supplies.

* Our trucks have been sanitized and employees using cleaning supplies to maintain cleanliness to avoid transfer of germs or viruses.

* This program is to help those who are unable or unwilling to travel out to get their own supplies.

In Davenport, Taco Bar Restaurant served free tacos to service workers.

“We wanted to kind of take people’s minds off of what’s going on obviously. It’s just this doom and gloom constantly. We’re just overwhelmed with this entire situation,” says Owner Toby Christianson

He says it’s a way to show the restaurant is there for them. 

“It’s tough. Our bills are tough to pay. The unforeseen future makes it really difficult, but I guess in some way shape or form I guess the thought is what counts maybe it means nothing. I don’t know but it’s that last dollar that may mean more to somebody,” says Christianson. 

The Taco Bar in Davenport served tacos to service workers until food ran out.

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