Everyone and their cousin seems to have a podcast nowadays, and the Quad Cities Chamber has joined the fray, with its new series, In the QC, to help brag on the area.

Produced by the Chamber’s Marketing & Social Media Coordinator, Lindsay O’Brien, the podcast is now sharing the stories of the QC region, businesses, start-ups and creatives on a global platform.

Lindsay O’Brien is the Quad Cities Chamber marketing and social media coordinator.

“We want to shed light on the magic of the QC, its people and the work organizations like the Chamber are doing with people who may not know about our region,” O’Brien said recently. “The podcast is a tool we’ll use to catch the ear of businesses and people across the world and highlight who we are and how we live, work and thrive in the QC.  And it fits perfectly within the work we do with and for you, which is focused on growing our population, GDP, and drawing young talent, families and retirees to move and grow here.”

O’Brien is an artist and experienced graphic designer who, before joining the Chamber team, worked for musicians across the globe. They’d often ask her when she’d be moving to LA or New York. Her response: “I am fine catching a plane. My homebase will always be the QC. I was born and raised here and I have such a deep-rooted love for our region. In my lifetime I want it to reach the level and go beyond what I’ve always known it could be,” she said.

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in creating a QC community where teens and young adults never want to leave because we hold everything they want: a thriving arts scene, ample opportunities and so many fun things to do,” O’Brien said.

New episodes of “In the QC” are posted every other week on all podcast platforms and episodes will showcase the region and feature small business owners, corporate giants, start-ups, creatives, community organizations and the work we do with and for you.

The QC Chamber is ln the midst of a search for a new president and CEO, with a consulting firm’s help. (quadcitieschamber.com)

Underground Economy is supporting the efforts and composed the music for the podcast, a beat “that captures our collective identity and extends our regional branding efforts,” the Chamber said. “We’ve already started incorporating it into Chamber videos and external QC marketing campaigns we have underway and planned.”

The new podcast builds on the current “QC, That’s Where” promotional campaign, launched last fall in partnership with Visit Quad Cities.

“When we meet with a business owner to offer resources for an expansion or automation project, a start-up seeking office space or a small business seeking a storefront, we are witness to the hard work and determination that leads to success,” the Chamber says.

“When we collaborate with schools and community organizations, show off the region to summer interns, convene minority business owners, Peer Roundtables and the inaugural cohort of Leadership QC, we identify opportunities and solutions that advance our region; then we act.”

“When we partner with business owners, listen and identify their challenges, then meet with legislators in Des Moines, Springfield and Washington D.C., we shine a spotlight on what we can and have achieved,” the Chamber says.

Now they are sharing these stories with the world, through “In the QC.” Listen HERE.

“We invite the community, businesses owners and workers, Chamber members and investors to take a listen and grow with us. We are right now at the starting point of telling our QC story and there will be so many beautiful chapters to dive into,” O’Brien said. “Join us for the ride. It will be a lot of fun and will showcase what makes the QC so special.”