The Quad Cities Chamber is recruiting business owners and leaders to participate on a Minority Business Council and inform its work in fostering equity and inclusion in the regional economy.

Earlier this year, the Chamber launched a Black Business Council and a Women’s Business Council. Now, it’s starting two more: an Immigrant/Refugee Business Council and a LGBTQ+ Business Council, according to a Thursday release.

Each council will gather once a quarter to discuss business challenges and to guide the Chamber on how it can be a resource and help all businesses grow. The Chamber will also host events and workshops throughout the year based on the needs identified by council members.

Brandy Poston, the QC Chamber’s Manager of Talent & Inclusion.

“There are three major barriers for minority-owned businesses: access to funding, limited access to knowledge and mentoring, and building support networks,” Brandy Poston, the Chamber’s Manager, Talent & Inclusion, said in the release.

“The Chamber will provide programming so council members can build their business knowledge. That programming will capture access to funding as well as opportunities to build supportive networks,” she said.

“While we’ve identified these barriers from a national perspective, we will make space for council members to express challenges that may be more specific to our region. We will also tailor programming to the needs they identified.”

Member and non-member businesses are encouraged to participate. Additional information and a sign up form is available on the Chamber’s website HERE.