There is a problem of litter in our water ways. Davenport is one of only three cities in North America to be selected to participate in a Marine Litter Project.

Local 4 News spoke with Lauren Roy, the leader of the project from Commission of Environmental Cooperation. Roy says Davenport was selected because of the focus the Quad Cities has on pollution.

“The EPA knew that there had been a lot of work in the QC already on addressing plastics pollution, and so they decided that this would be a good place to pilot,” Roy said.

The project started back in July to address the litter problem in the United States, Mexico and Canada. Roy says the goal of the project is to tackle the plastic pollution problem in the three cities.

“It’s not litter. It’s not people just throwing things on the ground. Usually, it slips away.” If you see an overflowing garbage bin and then a cup beside it, you might think someone is going to come and collect everything from the garbage, and the cup as well.

But “It can be taken away by wind once it gets into the waterways. That’s where it gets pulled down,” Roy said.

The project includes a trash capturing device, created by Osprey Initiatives. The trash capturing device is called a boom, also known as a “litter gitter.” They are placed in local creeks to catch and reduce land-based litter.

“You may not think that going into a creek behind your house or behind your school and picking up some stuff will combat marine litter, but it will,” Roy said. “And if everyone does their part, we can try to address this problem together.”

High school students from Davenport North visited Goose Creek Friday. There they learned more about the booms, the current ecosystem and the different kinds of plastic found in water.

Because of the weather differences in the regions, Davenport is the first and only city participating in the project now. Because of the upcoming winter weather, Osprey Initiatives plans to pull the litter gitters out of the creeks next month.

The group will hold meetings about the next steps of the project at the start of 2023.