Today, Aug. 26, is National Toilet Paper Day, and one Quad Cities company did something special to commemorate the occasion in a four-ply way.

Great Western Supply, a Davenport-based janitorial supply company, measured the new I-74 bridge in toilet paper. With a team of four people, they unrolled rolls of one of their most popular toilet papers across the 74 pedestrian bridge, end to end! Roll by roll, they made their way across the bridge, working their way from the Iowa side to the Illinois side and they used 37 rolls of one of their most popular Bedford toilet paper products, according to a company release.

Great Western Supply used 37 rolls of toilet paper to stretch across the I-74 pedestrian bridge and made a video of the process.

Great Western Supply provides essential sanitation and janitorial products to schools, health systems, gyms, churches, and a wide variety of businesses in the region.

“We tend to get overlooked because we’re selling everyday products and people don’t really every wonder where they come from – but we’re powering Quad Cities businesses with the daily essentials they need to keep their building occupants clean and safe,” company marketing director Jacquelyn Bunch said in the release.

“For us, National Toilet paper Day is every day; but we wanted to do something fun to celebrate on August 26th,” she said. “We brainstormed for a few days until we finally decided to measure the QC’s new favorite landmark using one of our favorite products! We got some really weird looks, and everyone stopped to ask what we were doing… it was a nice day and there were lots of people on the bridge! We asked folks to guess how many it would take – one guy said 200 rolls!”

One person unrolled the paper while another followed closely behind to assure that the paper stayed on track to get the most accurate reading. The hardest job, however, was following behind and picking up all of the paper and placing it in to a bag to assure no paper was left behind. Two garbage bags of toilet paper and 37 empty toilet paper cores later – the team had completed their mission.

It took 37 rolls of toilet paper to cross the 74 pedestrian bridge between Bettendorf and Moline.

Great Western Supply donates products to a variety of QC charities and organizations throughout the year.

Toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, disposable kitchenware, equipment, and more are valuable resources for organizations in need. One Eighty, Hope At The Brick House and other organizations have benefitted from a charity partnership with Great Western Supply, a locally and family owned company since 1926.

It wasn’t until 1857 that toilet paper began being sold in the United States. The first toilet paper was loose flat sheets of paper. Then in 1930, the Germans invented the perforated rolls we have today consisting of 1,000 small sheets that were separated by a perforation.

To see the video of the QC team completing their task at the I-74 pedestrian bridge, click HERE.