The Good Neighbor Project (GNP) is a Davenport-based program that finds ways to lend a helping hand and keep a watchful eye, too. It’s now in its third year, where the groups connect with one another and Davenport police to build stronger communities.

Tammy Trice is the GNP leader for the Heatherton community (which is in the area near Hickory Grove and West Central Park in western Davenport).

“Heatherton has come a long way. On my first night living out here, there were gunshots,” recalls Trice.

She says she first stepped into this role when COVID hit in 2020. Trice said she noticed kids were outside with nothing to do, so she decided to do something about that.

“If we see something, we’re going to say something,” says Trice.

Nearly three years later, Tammy has organized community events and projects to help strengthen Heatherton. Events like food drives, block club parties and neighborhood watches have been a few things that Tammy along with Davenport Police have helped organize.

“As a police officer assigned to the Good Neighbor Project, I answer questions and address any concerns they may have in the neighborhood, to make sure people are feeling safe,” said Sgt. Andrew Harris with the Davenport Police Department.

A watchful eye and a good relationship with local law enforcement has helped the Heatherton community drive out crime. Trice says the neighborhood has come a long way from when she first arrived, 16 years ago.

“I walk the neighborhood all the time, so I know just about everybody in the neighborhood,” says Trice.

Trice’s rise to fame in the Heatherton neighborhood landed her the position of the Good Neighbor Project leader. “If not me, who else? I do this because I love my neighborhood and my neighbors,” she said.

About 100 neighborhoods in Davenport have a Good Neighbor Project. If you’d like to start one in a neighborhood of your own, click here.