Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center in Clinton has a new management services agreement with UnityPoint Health — Robert Young Center in the Quad Cities.

Under the agreement, RYC will provide management services, clinical leadership, and expertise to Bridgeview with a goal of improving and expanding mental health services across the continuum for people of all ages in the Gateway Area, according to a Wednesday release from UnityPoint. The agreement is effective July 1, 2022.

“We conducted an extensive search for the right strategic partner to improve our quality of patient care and help lift our mental health services to the next level,” Bridgeview executive director Paul Blair said in the release. “We’re excited to find that partner in Robert Young Center to help us improve care and access in the Gateway Area.”

The agreement was approved by the board of directors of both Bridgeview and RYC. Under the agreement, Bridgeview and RYC will work together to expand capabilities in areas like medication management, therapy, and referral coordination. RYC will also provide support to enhance Bridgeview’s service delivery with additional Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and other clinical staff.

“Robert Young Center looks forward to partnering with Bridgeview and helping elevate the services provided to the community,” RYC president Dennis Duke said. “As the Quad Cities’ only Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinic, we are committed to advancing Bridgeview’s work as the Community Mental Health Center for Clinton County.”

Bridgeview serves about 2,656 unique clients and provides a total of 22,414 services to clients per year through its facility at 1320 19th Ave. NW in Clinton. It provides professional and confidential counseling, treatment, and care for emotional and behavioral challenges for children, adolescents, and adults. It opened in 1970 as Heartland Center before becoming part of Gannon Center in the late 1990s.

It became Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center in 2006. To find more information about Bridgeview and its services, click HERE.