Jon Gainer was born and raised in Davenport. He was sent by Bettendorf Christian Church to Kremenchug, Ukraine, where he served for more than 10 years with his wife, Jenny Gainer, and their four children.

Since the outbreak of the war, Gainer has used his contacts inside Ukraine and a team over at Kontaktmission USA to create a campaign to assist the people of Ukraine.

He recently returned to the United States last week after he helped set up a refugee camp in Romania for Ukrainians.

“We had missionaries who were in Romanian and one of those missionaries had a five-acre camp that was given to him like six months ago. They had no idea what they were going to do with this giant piece of property and then the war started, and we thought ‘There it is,'” said Gainer.

He says the camp in Romania is helpful but conditions for Ukrainians are still poor.

“I want to see Americans seize the opportunity to help serve other people,” he said. “The Ukrainians are starving. They need medical help. They need food. They need shelter, and they need comfort. We as Americans have the resources to do that.”

Gainer says through this link people can donate directly to Ukraine. All gifts will go to Ukrainian relief efforts.