The Breakfast Optimist Club, serving the Illinois Quad Cities, held a ceremony Wednesday morning, April 13, to award their 2021 Officers of the Year and Top Cop honors.

Founded in 1919, Optimist clubs do work in their communities, promote good government, promote the military and patriotism and support local youth, according to a Wednesday release. They are also well known for their Avenue of the Flags project to honor America, veterans and the military.

The Breakfast Optimist awards for Officers of the Year and Top Cop are given to an individual police officer who, in the opinion of the selection committee, is worthy of recognition for their accomplishments for work in the previous year. Optimist committee members judged applications based on heroism, community service, meritorious performance and club purpose.

Applications were solicited for members of the Moline and East Moline police departments. The committee reviewed nine nominations and selected four finalists and two Officers of the Year, one from each city. The committee chose one Officer of the Year to be honored at the Top Cop. Those nominations are as follows:

Police officers Adam Medina, left, Joe Kluever, Kyle Schultz and Riley Reeves earned Officer of the Year finalists honors.

Officer of the Year Finalists

  • Sgt. Kyle Schultz, East Moline Police: nominated for dedication, training, and expertise in
    developing officers on the department.
  • Det. Riley Reeves, East Moline Police: nominated for efforts in community policing.
  • Sgt. Joe Kluever, Moline Police: nominated for difficult and complex juvenile investigation cases.
  • Ofc. Adam Medina, Moline Police: nominated for heroic actions in the face of danger of an amed individual.

East Moline Officer of the Year – Sgt. William Lind, East Moline Police Department: nominated for
his work at the Quad Cities Federal Gang Task Force.

Sgt. William Lind (pictured with East Moline Police Chief Jeff Ramsey) was named East Moline Officer of the Year.

Sgt. Lind spearheaded one of the largest cases at the task force for illegal drug and weapon distribution operating in the QC area. Sgt. Lind also worked diligently to stop several shootings in the Spring of 2021 between two gangs that led to multiple arrests for firearm violations. Sgt. Lind has also been very involved in community service projects such as Shop with a Cop and Holiday Food Baskets.

Moline Officer of the Year – Ofc. Cody Parmenter, Moline Police Department: nominated for improving the safety and quality of life in our community, building community trust and collaboration, and enhancing the professionalism, teamwork and integrity of the department.

Parmenter made over 45 felony arrests, mostly for the delivery or possession of methamphetamine or other controlled substances and made 25 arrests for driving under the influence.

Officer Cody Parmenter of the Moline Police Department (pictured with Chief Darren Gault) earned Top Cop honors from the Breakfast Optimist Club.

He made several arrests for gun crimes, unlawful use of a weapon and armed violence. Furthermore, Parmenter developed a community-oriented policing program to emphasize the importance of staying in school and being a productive member of our community.

The program strives to build and strengthen the relationship between children in the community and the Moline Police Department by recognizing students for their outstanding achievements and police visiting them at school for a pizza party. Ofc. Parmenter also was awarded the Life Saving Award for his actions on March 15, 2021 when he saved the life of a citizen inside a burning house fire, and also received the Top Cop award from the Optimists.

Breakfast Optimist Club Top Cop Committee Chairman, John Zelnio said, “The Breakfast Optimist Club members are very proud of our law enforcement officers and the great work that they do in our community. It was a great pleasure to honor these top six very deserving officers.”

Moline Police Chief Darren Gault said, “We are very grateful for the recognition that the Breakfast Optimists have given the officers for their outstanding work to make our community a better and safer place. These awards that are judged by community members are very special because they are independent evaluations of the officers without any influence from police management.

“The appreciation from the community resonates throughout the department and is greatly appreciated,” he said.

East Moline Police Chief Jeff Ramsey said, ”Thanks to the Breakfast Optimist Club for recognizing all the nominees and it is great for a community organization to be involved in this process. Officers are recognized internally, but to be recognized by people in the community they serve means a lot to them.

“Congratulations to all of the nominees and award winners, your dedication to the job and desire to protect and serve the community often goes unnoticed, but today you are being recognized, and deservingly so,” Ramsey added. “I appreciate our neighbors at the Moline Police Department and the working relationship we have.”