Ethan Wren had a ball this week watching his favorite Philadelphia Phillies at home in the World Series, and a sign he made went viral.

The 11-year-old Moliner held a sign that read, “School is important but Phillies baseball is importanter.” It was featured on MLB’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, with over 370,000 likes and more than 10,000 shares. “Players, local and national TV personalities, staff, and fans alike couldn’t get enough of Ethan and his sign,” his mom Aimee said Friday.

MLB shared Ethan’s photo on Instagram and Facebook.

“As lifelong Phillies fans, we didn’t hesitate to pull our boys out of school to hop on a plane to watch the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series,” she said of seeing Games 4 and 5 on Wednesday and Thursday nights at Philly’s Citizens Bank Park. “We did of course coordinate with their teachers and receive their blessings. I thought I might have some fun with it and make a sign to take along with us. What happened next was beyond what I expected and sure did create a lifelong memory.”

“The atmosphere was totally different in the game when they won, versus when they lost,” Ethan said Friday afternoon. He made his sign Monday, before they left Tuesday morning and carried it through the airports.

“Luckily, everybody saw it and enjoyed it right off the bat,” Aimee said. “Everyone was very accommodating when we went through airport security. It was a little challenging to get it through, but everybody was real supportive.”

Moline’s Wren family (from right are Will, Ethan, Aimee and Mitch) saw World Series Games 4 and 5 this week in Philadelphia.

For both games, the family got seats pretty close to the field, behind the Phillies dugout. Ethan said the attention given his sign was crazy. The MLB Network featured him for a pre-game show on Thursday night.

“The show was called The Intentional Talk, and he got some live media coverage there,” Aimee said. You can see that video on the MLB website.

Ethan took his homework with him and worked on the road. His school had parent-teacher conferences half a day Thursday and today.

“He’s getting a lot of texts from his friends, commenting on the posts on Instagram,” Aimee said.

“My husband grew up a Phillies fan,” Aimee said of Mitch, who has family that were team leaders. His great-grandmother’s brother was a former president of the National League, Warren Giles. He was a Moline native who’s in the Baseball Hall of Fame (and buried in Moline), and his son was a former Phillies manager.

“We’ve just been around the Phillies a long time,” Aimee said, noting the team won the Series in 2008. Their older son Will went with them that year (he was only six months old) to see home games, and the next year the family returned to see the Phillies play the Yankees in the Series.

A couple Phillies players express appreciation for Ethan’s sign. Game 6 is Saturday night in Houston, with the Astros leading 3-2.

Will is now 14 and went with them to Philly this week. Ethan is a 6th grader at John Deere Middle School and said he has many jealous friends that he got to go.

They got World Series tickets right after the team clinched the National League championship. They paid face value (about $340 each). Aimee works at Rock Island Arsenal and Mitch is an insurance claims adjustor.

They went to see the NLCS Wild Card series in St. Louis Oct. 8, where the Phillies beat the Cardinals. They went on to beat the Braves and Padres to make it to the World Series.

“It was exciting that they were doing so well and had a chance for the World Series,” Ethan said. He was just as excited to see the Series as much as missing school.

Ethan Wren, left, and his older brother Will.

His favorite Philly player is Bryce Harper. In Game 5 Thursday, the Phillies lost, so the Astros are up 3-2 going into Game 6 Saturday night.

Ethan said it might be hard to come from behind in the two last games at Houston, which will be broadcast on Fox 18. Aimee’s pretty sure they can do it.