Rock Island and Scott County election officials say they have the pieces in place to ensure the integrity of next week’s vote.

Election managers say they have enough volunteers ready for polling locations on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Rock Island County has 280 election judges for its 38 voting centers and Scott County has more than 400 precinct election officials ready to manage its 66 polling locations.

Local 4 News spoke with Rock Island County Clerk Karen Kinney, and Scott County Auditor Kerri Tompkins, who are both excited about the election day process.

“Election Day is my favorite part of the process,” Kinney said. “I’ve come to learn a lot through the years about the election process and I’m proud to be part of it.”

“I’ve learned a lot things are great. It’s just something different. But I enjoy the opportunity, I love to serve our community.” Tompkins said.

Both counties thought they would struggle to find workers, but right now they are fully staffed.

“We have 280 election judges,” Kinney said.

“We have scheduled over 440 poll workers for this election,” Tompkins said.

Due to so many people wanting to volunteer, Scott County has had to create a waiting list for future elections.

“I am so grateful that people want to get involved and I appreciate the elections support. Also our local parties political parties helped us with that, so we have a list so please if you’re interested I encourage people to keep reaching out because we will put you on our waiting list. We’ll get you trained and we’ll get you to work in future elections,” Tompkins said.

As people continue to vote, numbers on the Illinois side are higher than they were four years ago.

“Our numbers reflect that we are ahead. So far, the total is 15,367 that have voted and that’s pretty good,” Kinney said.

On the Iowa side, compared to their previous general election, Iowa as a whole is experiencing a lower number in voters.

“Right now, the absentee ballot numbers are a little bit lower. Our overall numbers are a little bit lower, so we’ll see what happens,” Tompkins said. “We are seeing that across the state, so it’s not unique to Scott County. So we’ll see if people come out on Election Day. I hope so because we certainly want people to vote. But I think it’s important for people to know right now, you still have opportunities to vote before Election Day.”

County offices and voting sites are open at various locations and during different hours. Please visit Scott County and Rock Island County websites to learn more.