We’ve seen players on the Quad City United professional basketball team give back to the community in many ways off the court. But on the court, they continue their miraculous inaugural season. Now they need the community’s help in their push for a championship.

The Quad City United won the official basketball league central division title and now they are heading to Orlando for the Final Four.

in their first year they finished the regular season 12-3 which was the best record in the division.

The inaugural season for the Quad City United has been a great success on and off the court, with many players giving back to the community. The team finished the regular season 12-3. After winning the official basketball league central division playoffs, the Quad City United is off to Orlando to play in the Final Four.

it’s been a long journey for owner Devlin Anderson, because he wanted to bring professional basketball to his hometown.

“My journey actually started in Florida so actually being on a semi pro team … I played in Texas, played in New York, a couple of cross sea’s teams,” said Anderson, owner and head coach.

“So my thing was trying to get back to my city,” he said. “I knew my time was expiring with me getting older and stuff, so I wanted to do something for the city. We’ve been missing basketball this whole time.”   

Anderson has been trying for the past six years to bring basketball to the Quad Cities, but the players have also have had long journeys and actually weren’t playing basketball because there weren’t any opportunities locally.

“We dreamed about things like this as children,” said small forward Jerry Myles. “I used to play on a hanger and I used to ball up some socks with my brothers and we used to dunk on each other. We used to dream about playing on a pro team together and some of these guys I’ve been looking up to since I was a kid so to play side by side with them is unreal.”

With the trip to Orlando coming up, the Quad City United are asking for the community to pitch in to help with the expenses for the upcoming trip, so they created a gofundme page to help them bring a trophy back to the Quad Cities.

“We need support in every aspect. Even if people wanna travel and come see us play personally we would love that,” Myles said. “We need that crowd. We need any financial help we can get. That will be lovely.”