QC residents react to snow storm

Local News

The first big snow storm of the season is here.

Which can be exciting for quad cities residents.

“I’m not going to lie to you. I love the snow,” said Antonio Varela, a Quad Cities resident.

But not what comes with it.

“The only thing I don’t like is the slippery roads and those drivers that aren’t very experienced in driving in it,” said Varela.

The extra work can be a real drag too.

“I don’t like scarping them because i never wear gloves so my fingers are always freezing,” said Varela.

And for some who have lived here for a long time, it just another winter day.

“We’re used to it,” said Doug Wales, a long time Quad Cities resident. “You got to be careful if its icy out, but other than that we’re usually out in it if we have something to do.”

So preparations aren’t much of an issue.

“We’re ready for it,” said Wales. “We have salt in the garage and things like that, so I’m not too worried about it.”

But no matter how people feel about the weather, there’s one thing most will agree on.

“I don’t mind it, but its nice to be in warmer climates too,” said Wales. “We’ve got family that lives down in Texas. you know Christmas at 75 degrees is not too bad.”

“I just got back from Puerto Rico and there was a big difference,” said Varela. “I just couldn’t believe the weather difference. It was beautiful.”

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