The Grinder’s and Spaghetti House in Moline is just one of many restaurants in the Quad Cities starting to see the negative effects of inflation.

Owner Phila Khairallah said they’re known for their carry-out orders, but ingredients now cost more and so do those to-go boxes that are critical to their business. “Everything’s doubled, if not quadrupled,” he said.

“I used to pay $40 for a case. Now they’re $110. Same thing with these plates — they were $30, now they’re $90 a case now and they’re sold out online too,” said Khairallah.

VIP’s Corner Bar and Grill in downtown Moline has raised prices on their menu to cover mounting costs.

“We have raised prices already. We’ll be raising prices probably again in six to eight months,” said owner Lauri McNamee. “We don’t like to do a lot in one time, but we try to do it slowly so it doesn’t affect everyone so hard. Wings used to cost us $40 a case. It is $180 a case now.”