Restaurants in the QC are seeing the effects of rising meat prices.

The U.S Department of Labor says beef prices jumped almost 21 percent in November compared to the year before. Some restaurant owners are changing their menus because of it.

Rodolfo Gerardo is the owner of Taqueria Roly’s in Moline. He’s had to raise the price of their food twice.

“As an owner spends more money on the product, we have to raise our prices,” said Gerardo. “Sadly, if we don’t, we can’t keep our business. Because if I buy less product, I won’t have enough product for my clients. So basically I’m spending the same.”

Maci Noack is the general manager at Toasted in Davenport. The restaurant opened its doors in 2021. Because of the rising price of meat, they chose not to serve certain items.

“When we were opening, we wanted to try and do more red-meat things – brunch burgers and what not – but we stayed away from those kinds of menu items. Especially opening our lunch menu, we’ve stayed away from brisket sandwiches and burgers, adding those on just because prices are rising every single day,” said Noack.

“For our brisket sandwich, the price of the brisket that we were paying for was about $400 to $500 for that log of meat, meaning that we would have to sell those sandwiches for about $20 a piece to break even. And that was just something we weren’t comfortable with the consumer paying us.”

Some meat shops in the area, on the other hand, said they haven’t noticed a difference in meat prices.