When some think of school lunches, mystery meat and cold pizza may come to mind – not the tastiest options. However, some Davenport parents say their kids are now being faced with even more distasteful options, the results of supply chain shortages. 

Davenport’s school district says orders for normal meal items are now hit or miss. Delivery trucks sometimes show up with different food than what was ordered for the day, while some products are missing all together.

“Those changes are actually happening every day. Our trucks will come in and what we ordered isn’t on the truck so immediately we have to change the menu,” said Davenport Community Schools Food Services Director Coni Dobbels.

“What if you have a kid that’s allergic to fish? And they’re coming to school thinking their getting chicken and it’s fish. Now they can’t eat at all because that’s the only thing they’re feeding them,” said a concerned parent, Angelia Sue.

It’s an issue Dobbels says she is working hard to combat.

“I promise you and I promise all of our Davenport families that we will have food available. It just might not be what was listed for that day,” said Dobbels.

Dobbels said she wasn’t aware of parents’ concerns but, now that she is, she will address them.