Autographed sports jerseys can be worth a lot of money. So it’s been tough on a small Rock Island business that had several of them stolen over the weekend.

The owners at The Attic in Rock Island shared surveillance video with Local 4 News.

Suspect in weekend theft (contributed.)

They hope somebody recognizes the guy who got into their business over the weekend to steal several jerseys. These are authentic autographed ones from athletes from college and professional teams.

The Attic is a discount retail store, but the jersey sales are an important part of their business, too.     

(photo by Bryan Bobb)

Co-owner Joe Schulte told Local 4 News he noticed them missing Sunday when he came into the store to do some work.

“This time of year it’s just really sad. My co-business partner and I, we have family. This is our business. We want to provide a great Christmas for them and this really puts a damper on that.”

(photo by Bryan Bobb)

“There was some value to it. We’re kind of a middle man for those types of purchases so we did have some money invested in them. It’s just kind of hard to believe somebody would take those from us because that is one of our higher dollar items we have at our store.”

If you have information about this suspect, call Rock Island Police at 309-732-2677.