UPDATE: Eighty trucks with 80 crews left the Quad Cities on Thursday for Chattanooga, where they will await instructions on how they can help Hurricane Ian restoration efforts.

The crews include 66 linemen, with the rest made up of supervisors and support personnel.

They headed to Tennessee at the request of Georgia Power.

EARLIER UPDATE: MidAmerican Energy will send an emergency response team, including Quad City volunteers, to Georgia to assist with Hurricane Ian restoration efforts.

At the request of Georgia Power, MidAmerican will send an emergency response team consisting of nearly 80 employees, including line crews, supervisory and support teams, as well as utility trucks and equipment, a news release says.

Team members, who work across MidAmerican’s service area, volunteered for the assignment.

“We don’t know exactly where our crews will end up, depending on the damage, but we do know that MidAmerican employees are up to the task of restoring customers whose lives are disrupted by Hurricane Ian,” said John Guy, MidAmerican vice president of electric delivery.

“We know from experience how important it is for a utility to get help quickly when disaster strikes. We’re pleased that we can provide that help to another utility and its customers when they need it most,” he said.

Crews will depart from the Quad Cities early Wednesday and travel to a staging location in the Atlanta area Friday morning to receive restoration assignments. It’s not yet clear how long MidAmerican crews will be in hurricane-impacted areas, although crews are prepared for a two-week effort, if needed.

Once MidAmerican crews complete their assignments in Georgia, they could be requested to travel elsewhere to assist or may return home, depending on conditions.