A Davenport woman who turned 100 celebrated her milestone birthday with a big thrill.

Louise Wise decided to leap out of an airplane from 12,000 feet. She feels good overall and wanted to do something exciting.

“I thought I would celebrate my 100th birthday on this jump again which I very much enjoyed,” Wise said.  

Twelve thousand feet at 100 years old was a thrilling way for Louise Wise to hit the century mark in style.

“I was ready to go and I trusted my parachute,” she said.

She says it went by quickly.

“I don’t really know. After I jumped and landed on the ground and got out on the plane I don’t know what went on,” Wise said. 

But she didn’t just lose track of time. She also lost one of her shoes.

“You had to ask me that…. I lost it when I was up there,” Wise said.

One sneaker gone missing didn’t stop her from ending the dive down, because she’s always been a thrill seeker.

“I grew up with four boys, two older and two younger. I was between the boys, so I guess that’s what makes me adventurous,” she said.

Three of Louise’s family members joined her on the skydiving adventure, but they didn’t handle it quite as well.

“I’m still recovering a little,” said Roger Cadogan, Louise’s nephew.

Louise’s nephew, Roger Cadogan, says she is someone the family looks up to, and they were hit with more inspiration from Louise during the jump.

“She’s got so much life to her in spite of the fact that she’s 100 years old,” Cadogan should be so lucky, any of us should be so lucky to be so be so healthy at that age and like I say going on a skydive at 100 years old.”   

Louise says as long as she’s healthy she’s going to continue to look for more thrills in her life.
She says she may even go skydiving for a third time in the future.