A woman who came to the Quad Cities area from Turkey now worries about her relatives who are struggling after the earthquake.

Mursal Ahmadzai’s family is originally from Afghanistan, then moved to Turkey.

The earthquake forced her family to leave their home and take shelter in newer buildings.

“I was so sad I was worried about my family and other people in the area,” Ahmadzai said.

Emotions run high for the 24-year-old, whose entire family is currently sheltering in place at a school in Turkey.

Ahmadzai says she first found out about the earthquake that night when her mother and sisters called her crying.

“I’ve been so sad, like a lot of people passed away,” Ahmadzai said. “Some kids were crying for their parents and their parents passed away and some parents crying for their kids that passed away like it’s made me so sad.”

Ahmadzai shared cell phone video from her mother.

It’s a school in Turkey, now a makeshift shelter for survivors.

She’s worried about what help they can get.

“They don’t have food but they have water to drink,” Ahmadzai said. “They can’t take showers. They are not working in Turkey because my mom is sick and my sisters are young and as a refugee they are not eligble in Turkey.”

The earthquake drastically changed the way Ahmadzai communicates with her family.

“They don’t have no connection with me because they had wi-fi in their house and they don’t have wi-fi in the school,” Ahmadzai said. “Then like when they go to a house and a person brings them food and stuff they text me and call me saying they’re okay and they’re going back to the school.”