A Davenport woman who rescued a baby inside of a car talks about what she witnessed on Sunday.

“There’s a baby in this car right now, I’m freaking out.”

That was Megan Irish’s reaction when she saw a baby inside of a car as she was getting ready to go into Walmart in Davenport on Sunday, June 19. At first she thought it was doll inside, but soon she realized it wasn’t after she took a closer look.

“So I really looked and I could see him breathing and I’m like, that’s a baby — oh my gosh, my adrenaline kicked my mom mode in,” said Irish.

She called 911 and stayed on the phone with dispatchers until help arrived.

“He’s sleeping but he’s breathing very fast — please hurry,” Irish recalled telling dispatchers. “All of this happened in like three minutes. It was so fast. They pulled him out and the fireman put him on his chest, I’m sorry, and he was just sweaty. You can see the back of his head, he was just sweaty. I just wanted to snuggle him because I’m a mom — you know, I have two children.”

The child’s mom reached out to Megan and thanked her for calling 911.