The Betty White Challenge comes at a perfect time for many animal rescues in the area. A donation of $5 can mean a lot when it comes to saving an animal.

Betty White, who was 99 when she died Dec. 31, is being honored with a virtual event Monday – Jan. 17 would have been her 100th birthday. Fans were encouraged to donate $5 to animal rescues or shelters in her name.

White was a longtime champion of animal rescue.

“Five dollars. For us we can vaccinate two cats with that. We can de-worm a cat when our vet comes. We can neuter a boy cat so he can’t make any more babies. So with us, $5 – even though it doesn’t sound like a lot – it actually helps quite a bit,” said Liz Corn, director of the Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter.

Donors started Monday right when Kings Harvest Pet Rescue No Kill Shelter opened its doors.

Quad City Animal Welfare Center also saw an increase when it came to helping out its many homeless animals.

“In 2021 we adopted 1,358 animals and that’s during a pandemic. So we adopted a lot of homeless animals,” said Stacey Teager, Quad City Animal Welfare Center community services director. “If you think about it, $5 buys us cat food here. When you’re taking in thousands of homeless animals every year, what a difference that can make.”