Quad Cities could be hit with major floods–again

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The Quad Cities could see major flooding this Spring…again.

The National Weather Service released their Spring Flooding Outlook today.

The Mississippi River has a 95% chance to reach major flood stage. The major flood stage threshold in the Quad Cities is 18 feet.

Jessica Brooks, service hydrologist from the National Weather Service said the highest concern area was along the Mississippi, but it’s not certain which particular areas would have the heaviest impacts at this time, and that the wet fall season could contribute to the flooding.

“Quite a bit of snow up in the northern part of the watershed, so while we don’t have a lot of snow here locally, if you look up into Minnesota, Wisconsin, there’s a lot of snow up there,” Brooks said. And that water coming from that snow is all gonna come into the Mississippi River, and down by us here.”

The biggest risk areas are the Mississippi River area from Dubuque down to Gregory Landing, but there’s also elevated risks along the Rock, Cedar, Makoqueta, and the Wapsipinicon rivers.

Brooks says that people need to stay informed and make sure their homes are prepared for flooding soon.

“So you’re seeing impacts to maybe some structures, maybe roadways,” Brooks said. “Farmland will be impacted. You know, maybe cities will need to take action to protect their cities, you know, put up some sort of barriers. It just kinda depends on the area but we’re expecting more major type impacts when we get to those levels.”

Joe Gauthier said he was in the Lamrim Kadampa Buddhist Center when the HESCO barriers broke last year. He says he wouldn’t be surprised if this year brought more heavy flooding.

“I walk down the river quite often and it’s high right now,” Gauthier said. “Usually in the winter it gets much lower. Because of the snow pack, it just sits on the ground, doesn’t melt through, so I assume we’re gonna have a pretty messy spring coming up.”

Gauthier says he feels his building is high enough up to not sustain any significant damage, but he might need to prepare for getting in and out of it again.

“I might invest in some hip waders,” Gauthier said.

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