Quad Cities kids salute veterans

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The Davenport Veterans Day Parade took place Thursday and brought together a crowd of all ages

Many children both participated in the parade and cheered on the veterans while waving their American flags.

Children whose parents are serving our country, or have served, were also in attendance today.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,” recited Jameson, who learned the Pledge of Allegiance in school two days ago .… just in time for the parade.

“My dad is here, and we wanted to come and see the parade” said Alex, who came to support his own soldier: His dad.

Alex said some of his favorite parts from the parade were “seeing all the people crossing the street” and “My most favorite part was getting candy.”

That was a sweet treat to many participants at the parade, including Cub Scout Antonio.

“I like to do it because I can get an opportunity to thank veterans for what they’ve done,” said Antonio, whose dad served in Afghanistan. “I know that he was probably proud to serve his country.”

That sense of pride is familiar to the Veterans Day Parade special guest, Commander First Army Lt. Gen. Antonio Aguto Jr.

“To be able to represent our military and our armed forces… our families … it was a huge honor. It was great to see the community turn out it was great to see a lot of the younger generation turnout,” said Aguto.

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