Quad Cities Missing Person Network reacts to Trudy Appleby updates

Local News

The Quad Cities Missing Persons Network Director, Dennis Harker, says new information about Trudy’s disappearance could bring hope to the Appleby family after a difficult two decades without answers.

“It’s just ongoing, and never knowing,” Harker said. “These are the kind of things that haunt the family for a long period of time.”

Harker is no stranger to the feeling of helplessness in situations like this one. In fact, he started the organization after his son went missing.

“We printed 4,000 flyers and that was over a three day period. He was found two days later in the Mississippi near Buffalo,” he said.

He knows firsthand how important it is for the family to get answers. Harker is encouraging anyone with information, to come forward.

“Hopefully we will get some answers someday, but ideally if somebody knows, just call in an anonymous tip, if you don’t want your name on there,” he said.

The goal in the end is to get justice for the family, and closure.

“It’s an ongoing grief that’s never been able to be resolved,” he said.

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