Quad Cities react to Gov. Pritzker’s mask mandate

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Local 4 News interviewed people in Downtown Moline and found out most people are ok with the new mandate, if it helps stop the spread of COVID.

Bonita Veasey says she’s been wearing her mask since the beginning of the pandemic and agrees with the new mandate.

“I think its a good thing, I think that if we start thinking like people like about each other and what will do if we don’t wear the masks,” said Veasey. “Even the babies are starting to get sick my grand-daughter was in a daycare and they had to shut it down because it’s really starting to become wide.”

Jonathon Marler open his skateboard store three months ago in Downtown Moline and is ready for Monday when the mandate goes into affect.

“Go out and buy a box of disposable masks so that if someone doesn’t have one if they’re not sure about the new law that just passed then I’ll have them accessible for the customers inside the store,” said Marler. “You just wear it I mean it’s not going to hurt you, it’s not going to hurt someone else by just wearing it and its unfortunate but wearing it for 10 minutes inside the store I think it’ll be ok.”

Bill Mapes believes the governor made the right decision.

“I’m glad that Governor Pritzker didn’t decided to just close everything down again because that would be pretty bad for alot of people,” said Mapes.

The Twitter account for Illinois House Republicans say people in Illinois should be allowed to make personal decisions.

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