President Biden signed an executive order to strengthen gun control on Tuesday.

The goal of the order is to increase the number of background checks before guns are sold, promote more secure firearm storage and help states with red flag laws — and enforce them.

The order directs federal agencies to comply with existing gun control laws and procedures, like last summer’s bipartisan gun safety act.

The president announced the new measures Tuesday in Monterrey Park, California. It was the site of a mass shooting in January.

Local 4 News checked with gun store owners around the Quad Cities area about the president’s executive order.

One of them calls the order a double-edged sword, saying this could take the country a step closer to universal registration and claiming the order could “make victims out of victims.”

“They want to increase the number of background checks,” Davenport Guns owner Jeanelle Westrom said. “But 95 percent of the background checks that come back as denies are false. Somebody’s name is just too close to somebody else’s name who’s been sitting in prison for thirty years … so that’s a problem.”

Westrom believes background checks of people 21 and younger will cause some issues because the criminal records of minors are confidential.

Scott County Sheriff Tim Lane says he doesn’t object to increasing background checks, but calls the move political theater.

“I am a little concerned about it,” Lane said. “I do not like red flag laws. I find that when it comes to a red flag law, there’s 19 states that have these laws. They’re failing to address the important issue of why they want the red flag law.”

The order would not add any responsibilities for the sheriff’s office. Work would increase for some gun dealers, specifically pawn shops that often claim they are not gun dealers.