Quad Cities residents start to cleanup damage from the storm

Local News

Downed trees are the biggest physical damage, some fell on homes, cars and power lines and cleanup is likely to continue into tomorrow.

Jack Hillburn still can’t believe the damage the storm made on Monday afternoon.

“Probably the worst storm that we’ve had this year,” said Hillburn. “Disaster, I mean you’ve got big trees, you’ve got branches falling over people’s cars like 3 or 4 blocks down they had real big tree down on a power line.”

Brayland Bushong was cleaning up his neighbor’s front yard and said he was going to be cleaning 3 other houses as well for his neighbors.

“Pretty bad there’s leaves everywhere have to rake the whole yard we have a big pile trees that fell over there,” said Bushong.

City crews have also been working on cleaning debris from the storm.

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