Quad Cities responds to first major snowfall of the season

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Quad Citizens woke up Tuesday to the first major snowfall of the season. The snow began around 7 a.m. and lasted until a little before noon, when the precipitation became more of a drizzle or winter mix.

People were quick to clear sidewalks and storefronts, taking to the streets with shovels, snowblowers, and other equipment.

“It’s a little wet — doing pretty good though, I think. Put a little salt down and it will go away,” a Moline resident said.

While some vehicles struggled to make it up more hilly roads like Brady Street in Davenport, for the most part, the icy, snow-covered roads turned quickly to slush, preventing disruptive traffic problems for most.

“Wasn’t too bad. Luckily it’s not freezing, so it was nice and easy to push around. I was able to knock out theirs and mine in 15 minutes so,” a Moline business owner said. “We didn’t get our white Christmas but we got a white New Year.”

Overall, members of the community suggested the snow was more of an inconvenience than a hazard.

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