Quad Cities venues consider concert control and safety

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It has been a week since nine people died in the Astroworld festival.

The Associated Press reported Thursday that a 22-year-old woman who attended the festival in Houston has become the ninth person to die in the tragic event.

Concert capacity and communication between security members were reported to be two of the main contributors to the many injuries and fatalities.

Concert venues in the Quad Cities have reported protocol is in place to maintain both fun and safety.

“I just want to send out prayers to the ones that were lost last night,” said Travis Scott in an online video released on Instagram earlier this week.

“What happened in Houston…the crowd wasn’t moshing. Here was just surge and compression from the numbers of people that got onto the floor,” said the TaxSlayer Center’s Executive Director Scott Mullen.

That’s one of many problem’s Quad Cities venues seek to eliminate before show time.

“We make sure that our guard’s up front. There’s supervisors with headsets on that can hear everything and communicate no matter how loud it is,” said Mullen.

Guard-to-audience ratio is crucial for attendees’ safety.

“If there ever gets to a problem where someone doesn’t feel comfortable being in that situation, we get them out of the crowd and move on. So we just have people working with the show to manage it,” said Mullen.

Crowd control is at the top of the checklist to any live performance.

Another QC venue that prioritizes safety measures is the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, Davenport.

“We average 20,000 to 27,000,” said Shawn Loter, Mississippi Valley Fair Grounds general manager.

“We have openings at pretty much the main entrance,’ Loter said. “Just one person can go through at a time. We’re checking tickets as they go in. It gives people time to go where they need to go,” Loter said.

He ensures a secure and organized entrance upon arrival.

“It’s pretty hard for people to actually jump the fence. And if they do I have pretty good security and personnel who can control that,” he said.

All are arrangements to be made to ensure an enjoyable and safe entertainment experience.

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