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Many in the Quad Cities took advantage of the nice weather today

“I think staying active is very important during this time. And even magnifies what we’d normally do becomes that much more important,” said Mike Osler, a physical therapist. “So things like, getting outside and walking is going to be beneficial for your physical and mental health.”

Some are even able to keep their routine.

“I wanted to start with getting some fresh air, doing an hour long workout, just to be active,” said Jen Bruner, who was at the park getting a workout in. “You can do anything and everything at a park with out ant equipment. Just using our own bodyweight. So we’re taking advantage of anything thats still open, where we can keep social distancing and still enjoy our parks we have around here.”

With gyms already closed, others are using this time to get in a new groove.

“They’ve been closed for about three weeks now,” said Lou Roijas, a local jogger. “And I’m just sitting home doing nothing. So decided to come out here and start jogging again.”

And the benefits are more than physical.

“I think mentally is the most important in the pandemic that we’re in,” said Bruner. “To be able to get outside.”

But if you’re stuck inside, you don’t have to miss out.

“Stretching is a great benefit,” said Osler. “You can look at yoga, pilates and what not. I think you can do some great strength training around your house, just by doing something simple like squats.”

Life might be on hold right now, but it won’t be forever.

And staying active will ensure you’re ready when it does.

“If I’ve taken a month off and done nothing, when I get back into activity, thats when aches and pains come up,” said Osler

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