Democrats in Iowa took their fight against the railroad merger between Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern to a new level Thursday.

They kicked off the “Secure our Future” tour in LeClaire.

They maintain there will be more safety hazards and noise pollution that would come from the merger.

Iowa State Senate candidate Mary Kathleen Figaro was at the event today.

The Democrat says the merger could be stopped if more cities stand up to the railroad companies.

“They’re a large entity,” Figaro said. “One single city is not large enough to request from them the appropriate accomodations that should take place for both emergency vehicles and noise pollutions that occurs from a train havong to stop at a place where a human might be injured.”

Opponents brought up other concerns like a potential drop in property values, increased air pollution and worse traffic.

U.S. Senate candidate Michael Franken thinks there should be more consideration before there’s a final decision.

“We need a government involved in these decisions for uber capitalist esspecially where they’re foreign owned we need somebody with a whistle, somebody whos the referee here and that’s gotta be the federal government because right now the mayors are being taken advantage of because they have no other options here,” Franken said.

The group says more environmental studies should be conducted and that more public comments about the merger should still be considered by the federal government.