Raising money for an eight month old fighting a rare disease

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Eight month old Chloe Dahl spent her first five months in a hospital.

She has Pierre Robin Syndrome meaning her airways were blocked. She also has chromosome abnormalities.

“Physical development, her breathing, her cognitive, the way she learns, the way she grows, the way she breathes, her sucking, her feeding,” said Sarah Loy, Chloe’s mom.

She is behind in development for her age, but she’s working on things like tummy time.

“Since it’s so rare, there’s not really an answer, this is how it’s gonna be, this is you know what she’s gonna do, this is what she can’t do, she basically is the boss and she’s gonna tell us what she can and can’t do,” Loy said.

Sarah Loy calls Chloe her miracle.

“Before Chloe I could never say that I loved my life and I wake up every day loving life. She’s a blessing, she’s a miracle.”

Chloe’s great aunt is throwing a Rock N’ Roll Bingo fundraiser at the Buffalo Community Center Friday night starting at 6 to raise money for the family.

“Makes it easier for me to stay home with her because she needs her mom,” Loy said.

This let’s Sarah Loy focus more on Chloe’s future.

“Without knowing what her life is going to entail, it’s kind of a challenge to prepare yourself for, but as long as you know she’s happy and healthy and thriving and staying on her chart then you know we’ll be here for her.”

If you can’t make it to the event, you can donate to Sarah Loy’s venmo, @Sarah-Loy-19 or through their GoFundMe page.

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