The village of Rapids City is under a boil order until further notice.

A previous notice regarding a water service shut down was rescheduled for today, September 12.  The water was originally scheduled to be shut down for water system maintenance and improvements and was only expected to affect 22 households and businesses.  When the repair started, the footprint of those affected became larger.

Affected water users include those living in these areas of Rapids City:

All properties located north side of Route 84;

South side of Route 84 from property addresses of 1202 – 1626 & 1718 – 2102;

3rd Avenue property address of 1201 – 1416;

4th Avenue property address of 1203 – 1319;

The west side of 12th Street property addresses 215 – 321;

Both sides of 13th Street from property addresses 227 – 338;

Both sides of 14th Street from property addresses 226 – 419;

Both sides of 15th Street from property addresses 303 – 511;

Both sides of 18th Street from property addresses 409 – 535;

All properties on 19th Street.

Once water service is restored, the water in the distribution system will be subject to bacteriological contamination, which can cause waterborne diseases and/or general gastrointestinal distress. Residents will be alerted after bacteriological samples show that the water is safe for domestic consumption.

Customers in the affected area are encouraged to treat all water for drinking or culinary purposes by bringing it to a rolling boil for at least five (5) minutes once water service is restored until further notice.

For more information, contact Village of Rapids City staff at (309) 496-2321. For information on what to do under a boil order, click here.