A renewed focus on affordable housing comes to Davenport as the city will be taking applications for Section 8 housing assistance for the first time in years — but only for a short time.

The application period will be open for two days next week.

City leaders say the short window is because of the expected high demand.

“We see a lot of people with small income not being able to find housing, especially as things have changed after COVID,” YWCA’s Amy Schaefer said. “So having this availability of a lower-income or income-based housing open has been really exciting for our clients.”

It’s been a five-year wait — for a two-day opening.

“It’s really tough to have a small window with some of our clients that have a job with maybe non-traditional hours or something where they don’t have childcare all the time, but they’ve been given a lot of notice,” Schaefer said. “I mean they got that out pretty early that those were the two days, so I think a lot of our clients are finding ways to make sure they can get there and get signed up in time.”

The last time the waitlist was opened, thousands of people applied. That’s why it took so long for the waitlist to re-open.

“We’re excited to be able to get a closer read on folks who have a need right now as opposed to so long ago,” Davenport Community Planning and Economic Development Director Bruce Berger said. “Hopefully, if we’re able to reopen this, every so often. we’re hopeful we can continue to do that.”

The application process will take close to 15 minutes to complete. Applicants will need to apply at the River’s Edge in downtown Davenport.