On May 17, the Regional Development Authority (RDA) Board met at Rhythm City Casino Resort to approve 77 grant awards, totaling $1,950,802 in funding, to support area nonprofit, civic and governmental organizations. Humility Housing and Service, Inc. will receive $250,000 as part of multi-cycle commitments for an affordable housing project and the Putnam Museum and Science Center will receive $125,000 for their Putnam Reimagined project to complete those awards from the Fall 2021 grants cycle.

For the Spring 2022 grants cycle, economic development projects received 23% ($451,936) of the total funds; proposals for arts, culture, and education purposes received 41% ($801,485); and support for human service efforts received 3% ($697,381) of the total. Efforts to support affordable housing received 18% ($346,860) of the total funds granted. Last year, the RDA Board prioritized affordable housing, life skills (including parenting, home ownership, and work force access) and mental health as key issues.

At the conclusion of the Board meeting, five organization were invited to present their projects to the public, including Together Making a Better Community (Lincoln Center), Quad Cities Open Network, Humble Dwellings, Vera French Community Mental Health Center, and Quad Cities Housing Council. Presenters highlighted the importance of collaboration as a tool for addressing complex and difficult challenges and described an active social safety net network.

The Fall 2022 grant cycle application will be available online by July 31. Applications are due by the end of the day on September 30 and can be found here.