Reactions to Middle East tensions

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Iran retaliated against the United States with rocket attacks in Iraq Tuesday.

Missiles were reported at an airbase where US troops are located.

US officials just released new information not confirming any causalities.

The attack comes after the US drone attack that killed top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani.

We reached out to folks at the Bettendorf VFW to hear how they’re feeling about the news.

“It’s what we do. we can’t just let them run all over us,” Cheryl Johnson, a VFW volunteer said. “But it is still a little scary because my boyfriend’s son is in boot camp right now for the Navy.”

“But you know we can’t have people over there taking advantage of us either,” Dick Frantz, a Vietnam veteran said. “We gotta stick up for our people too. They’re maiming our servicemen over there. What are we supposed to do? Just let them do it? No.”

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