Real IDs take effect this year: Who needs a Real ID by Oct. 1?

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There’s something you need to make sure you have if you plan to get on a plane later this year: a Real ID.

If you travel at the Quad City International Airport, you may have seen the signs all over the TSA checkpoints, warning about the upcoming Real ID deadline.

Cosette Thoms, a travel agent with The Travel Business, says something she has to explain to her clients is, even if you fly domestically you may need Real ID.

“That’s an enhanced driver’s license. You’ll know you have a Real ID If you have a star in the upper right hand corner of your driver’s license. Both Iowa, and Illinois have both been issuing Real IDs.”

You can do that at any driver’s license office, and you have to bring some documents with you.

You’ll need your social security card, a document like your passport, or birth certificate to prove your identity. You’ll also need two documents to verify your address like your pay check or utility bill. If you changed your name you’ll need documentation like a marriage certificate too.

Thoms says, “It’s not just travel if you want to get into a federal courthouse, if you want to go to the arsenal if you need to visit someone in a jail or prison get into a nuclear facility you’ll need a real ID.”

Officials are saying if you don’t plan on flying domestically, or enter military or federal facilities, you may not need a real ID, but if you are looking to get one it’s better to do it sooner than later.

The cost is the same as a regular driver’s license, which is $30.

Passports, passport cards, and military ID’s are all forms of real ID’s.

Here’s a link to all the different types of documents you need to meet the requirements for a real ID:

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