Refugee walked over 2,400 miles while pregnant, looking for home in QCA

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Ines and Robert left Cameroon, Africa, in hopes of a better life. They walked more than 2400 miles from Quito, Ecuador, to the border of Texas.

Now the World Relief chapter of the Quad Cities and community members are working together to get this couple settled here.

World Relief volunteer Ken Croken hosted a fundraising event Saturday for Ines and Robert that included the two sharing their story, light refreshments and the opportunity for people to donate to the family who are expecting their baby boy at the end of December.

“What they went through to get here makes it clear to you that what they go through has to be horrific,” Croken said.

“We stayed inside the jungle for four days” Ines said, as she described her unbelievable journey.

“They tortured me, they beat me, and they killed my boss,” Robert said while describing his experiences in Cameroon.

Given their living circumstances, Ines and Ronald were determined to escape, determined to survive, and after nearly two and a half months of travel on foot, the two arrived at the border of Texas, where they were introduced to the World Relief Fund, and now they’re hoping to settle in the Quad Cities.

Now with support from community members their first hope is to secure asylum before their unborn child arrives. “You know when you already start something you have to finish it,” Ines said. “Thank you for everyone that are here today. May God bless them. We a truly grateful.”

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