Rehabilitation centers are working together to help save wild life animals affected by the storm

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There’s more damage from the storm than what we’ve seen to homes, trees and other property.
Something you might not think about but people are finding injured baby squirrels. Some of the squirrels are only a few weeks old.

Rehabilitators from Iowa and Illinois say they’ve rescued more animals than ever before.

Jojo Fernandez is the founder of JoJo’s Nut House Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. She’s been rescuing squirrels from Scott and Clinton County since the storm hit.

“So far we’ve taken over 40 plus squirrels and they’re continuing to come in,” said Fernandez.

Lysanias Broyles was cleaning up debris from the storm when his daugther found a squirrel.

“Kids were doing the branches and our daughter heard something squeak, she threw the branches down, we came and thought it was a mouse we looked at it and it was a squirrel,” said Broyles.

Echo Gard is the founder of Guardians of Rescue and Rehabilitation and is working together with JoJo’s Nut House Wildlife Rehabilitation Center to rescue animals.

“We warm them up, we check them over, make sure they don’t have any injuries make sure they don’t have any parasites, we try to hydrate them right away,” said Gard. “The most important thing is if you find a abandon or injured baby please keep it warm do not attempt to feed it.”

Tamara Yargar from Hog Capital Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Kewanee suggests that people keep an eye out when cleaning up storm damage.

“Please look at your yard, look where you have trees down anywhere because there’s babies out there that need help,” saind Yargar.

All of the rehabilitation centers are in need of donations to continue helping out the wild life animals.

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