Relatives of two different men who were killed in the May 28 collapse of an apartment building in downtown Davenport each have filed 44-page wrongful-death lawsuits against Andrew Wold, the City of Davenport, and other defendants.

Ryan Hitchcock (City of Davenport)

Nancy Frezza, administrator for the estate of her father, Daniel Prien; and Scott Morehart, the uncle of Ryan Hitchcock and the independent executor of Hitchcock’s estate; are suing the Davenport Hotel, LLC, dba the Davenport Apartments; Andrew Wold individually; Andrew Wold Investments, LLC; Village Property Management; Waukee Investments I, LLC; Parkwild Properties, LC; CT Engineering, Inc. dba Townsend Engineering; Select Structural Engineering, LLC; Bi-State Masonry, Inc.; and the City of Davenport, according to court documents.

Daniel Prien (photo submitted)

The lawsuits are highly detailed, and include multiple photos and allegations against the defendants.

Both lawsuits show this photos of the west elevation of the apartment building “indicating brick painting completed on May 14, 2021.”

On June 21, 2021, Wold became the property owner of The Davenport and purchased The Davenport from Waukee Investments for approximately $4.2 million. “From that date forward, Defendant Village Property Management served as the property manager for The Davenport,” the suits show.

The lawsuits show this photo taken in August 2020 showing the west elevation in a city report.

“The negligent acts and omissions resulting (in the deaths) have caused and will in the future cause damages including but not limited to net pecuniary losses and non-economic injuries and damages including but not limited to grief, loss of companionship, pain and suffering, inconvenience, impairment of quality of life, and emotional stress,” the suits allege.

The lawsuits include this photo taken May 27, 2023.

Both Frezza and Morehart demand jury trials. On Thursday, the suits were consolidated with other similar lawsuits, court records show.

Both suits list attorney Bruce Braley, of Leventhal Puga Braley PC in Denver, as counsel.

Earlier, the family of Branden Colvin, who also was killed in the collapse, filed a wrongful-death lawsuit.

Local 4 News confirmed through his family that the body of Branden Colvin Sr. was recovered at the site of the partially collapsed building in Davenport on June 3. (City of Davenport)

Andrew Wold has sold seven of his 24 Davenport properties to a rental LLC, according to the Scott County Assessors Office. Other properties that Wold has owned under his company name, like the Roosevelt building in Davenport, have been listed to be sold online.