Remembering a friend after a tragic loss

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Patricia Berry said her friend Brittany Wilson will be remember for her sunny personality.

A sunny disposition is remembering the life of a young woman gunned down while on the job.

Patricia Berry said she spends nearly every day with 28-year-old Brittany Wilson.

Wilson was working at the Big 10 Mart at 53rd Avenue and 18th Street in Bettendorf on Saturday when someone came in to rob the store.

She ended up being shot to death.

Police are going over the store’s surveillance video to try to identify her killer.

Berry said Tuesday she first met Wilson about a decade ago through a mutual acquaintance.

Since then Berry said they became best friends and have played a big role in each other’s lives.

Berry said, “Explain to her that we have pictures but Aunt Brittany’s in heaven right now.”

For Berry, she said there’s no easy way.

Berry said, “Trying to figure out how to tell a four-year-old how someone that she’s used to seeing almost weekly is not going to be around anymore is not easy.”

Berry’s daughter Lily was inseparable from Wilson.

Berry said, “She meant everything to my daughter. I mean if I were on the phone with Aunt Brittany it was listening to her scream because she wanted to talk to Brittany or let the little girl talk to Brittany.”

Since they met, Wilson was always someone Berry could turn to.

Berry said, “Always able to smile, even when things were not the greatest definitely impacted me and helped me learn to do the same thing when I couldn’t.”

And that’s part of the reason why Berry said she made Wilson Lily’s godmother.

Berry said, “I’m also pregnant with what would have been her godson. She’s had a big, huge role in my life for the last decade.”

Berry said it was just a few months ago when Wilson was excited about getting the job at the convenience store in Bettendorf.

Berry said, “[I] Said, well at least you’re working someplace nice.”

Now, Berry said she is still trying to understand why.

“I never thought I’d ever find out that my best friend was shot during an armed robbery while working in Bettendorf of all places,” said Berry.

She went on to say, “She was 28 and just starting to get life together with her man and everything. Wanted to work on getting a family and now she can’t, and to the guy who did it, I hope it was worth it because I don’t see anything in the world worth doing that.”

Her hope now is to find justice for Wilson.

Berry said, “She didn’t deserve to get shot doing her job and from what I’ve been told, nothing was even stolen so my question is was it even worth it.”

Berry also said she was planning to meet with Wilson on Monday.

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