Remembering a teen crime: Random act of violence nearly cost his life

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A close look now at juvenile crime. We’ve been examining it for weeks, looking into what causes it and what’s being done to try to stop it.

Tonight, a man from Davenport shares his story about a violent run-in with a group of young people.

He wants kids to know their actions have consequences.

Noah Hambright was walking home from the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds almost six years ago when he got to the corner of Cimarron drive and West 10th Street.

That’s where he was attacked and beaten with a baseball bat.

Aug. 7, 2015. It was supposed to be a memorable evening for Hambright and his friends as they enjoyed watching the Styx concert at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds. His life changed. While they were walking home, they noticed a car that appeared to be following them.

“They circled around one more time and two of the juveniles got out so I was distracted because I was looking at them and then this kid comes around and just blindsides me with a bat,” Hambright said.

Hambright was nearly knocked unconscious once he hit the ground. He remembers first responders arriving and trying keep him awake.

“The next thing I remember was going to Genesis West and I woke up again and started throwing up blood and I was like just so unconscious and I was crying,” he said.

Then Hambright found out the severity of his head injury.

“They were like, ‘Well, your brain is hemorrhaged and you’re just swallowing all of the blood.’ So then I had to get rushed to Iowa City and the next thing I remember was waking up there with my whole family.”

“I was very worried because when I woke up in Iowa City they said ‘You’re gonna have to stick around awhile, we might have to do brain surgery.'”

Fortunately, that ended up being unnecessary. But it ended up being a very close call for Hambright.

“My scar is right here. The doctor said, ‘If you would have went one inch lower’ I probably would have died, because that’s right where my temple’s at.”

That would be just the beginning for a long recovery.  Tomorrow night we will hear from Hambright about what it was like when this went to court and he had to encounter the young man who nearly ended his life.

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