Scott Community College is excited to announce new renovations to its Belmont campus.

The renovations started this year, and the expansion will provide more learning opportunities and make things more suitable for the students and staff.

We spoke with the college’s director of operations and resource development, Lysa Hegland, and according to her, the staff is really looking forward to the new changes.

“This is a really exciting project for us here at the college,” Hegland said. “Something we’ve been wanting for a long time.”

Scott Community College began renovations at the Belmont Campus at the end of last spring semester.

“We were kind of getting things moving right away and it’s been going on all summer” Hegland said.

Their goal is to improve life for students on campus and also address programs that need more space.

“Art,” Hegland said. “So we will have a new arts studio and … a 3D arts studio — as well as a new Black Box Theatre here on the college.”

They will also have more space dedicated to nursing, which will only help the shortage of nurses in the area.

“I cannot wait to see this nursing wing that is coming” Hegland said. “It will be prominent when you drive here off Belmont Road. It will change the entire look of this campus.”

The construction on the Belmont campus is the first phase for their bond referendum project, which will allow them to also put career technical education on their campus for high schoolers. That will pave the way for filling jobs in areas where labor is short across the Quad Cities.

“We’re projected to have phase one which will be our theater and our art studios” Hegland said. “Our two art classes — they will be done in the fall of 2022 — this year. And then the rest of this the student common areas will be done in fall of 2023.”