Pop-up COVID-19 testing locations within the state of Illinois have now been postponed until further notice.

The announcement was made late Thursday evening in a statement issued by Illinois Attorney General Kwame Raoul.

“This evening, I am pleased to announce that the company’s representatives have agreed the Center for COVID Control will postpone the reopening of any pop-up testing locations in Illinois for the foreseeable future,” said Raoul.

He issued the statement after an investigation was opened due to recent complaints from residents.

“I opened an investigation into the Center for COVID Control in response to our residents contacting my office to report a number of concerning issues at the Center for COVID Control’s pop-up COVID-19 testing locations throughout Illinois,” said Raoul. “Complaints have ranged from testing results being delayed or not received at all, to results being provided to individuals who were never administered a test, to tests being stored improperly and staff incorrectly using PPE and face masks.”

Raoul says the company’s operations are currently suspended, and former employees were interviewed.

“Although the company voluntarily suspended operations, my office contacted company officials to demand that the Center for COVID Control immediately stop engaging in any fraudulent or deceptive conduct, particularly with respect to the delivery of testing results or billing,” said Raoul. “In addition to evaluating residents’ complaints, attorneys from my Consumer Fraud Division interviewed former employees of the Center for COVID Control.”

Raoul thanks and appreciates those who voiced their concerns.

“I am pleased with this result and would like to thank the residents who noticed something awry and contacted my office,” said Raoul. “I also appreciate the former employee whistleblowers who came forward to report practices that compromised tests. I am committed to protecting Illinois residents from unlawful conduct by companies operating pop-up COVID-19 testing facilities in our state.”

He adds pop-up COVID-19 testing locations are not regulated by a government agency, recommending that people first try to utilize a state-sponsored testing site to the extent possible.

Individuals are asked to contact their health care providers for testing or testing center recommendations.

Testing locations can also be found by visiting the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website, a local county health department’s website or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ website.

“Raoul urges people to choose a different testing site if they visit one where something does not seem right,” a news release says. “Individuals are encouraged to file a complaint on the attorney general’s website if they believe they have been the victim of fraud, or if they were not charged at the time of a COVID-19 test but later receive a bill for testing services.”