Repair of art museum damage will be costly, lengthy process

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Gunfire creates mayhem in downtown Davenport over the weekend, with 80 rounds flying on the Redstone parking ramp and causing up to $100,000 in damage to an iconic downtown landmark.

Local 4 News was the only station at the scene just after 1:30 a.m. Sunday when bullets hit the Figge Art Museum and the Skybridge.

Davenport Police were called to the Redstone parking ramp at the intersection of 2nd and Brady streets.

Police saw a large group of people on the top level.

Authorities say 10 windows on the museum and three on the Skybridge were hit.

Eighty rounds were fired. Ten windows were completely shot out, leaving possibly $100,000 worth of damage to a work of art and iconic landmark in Davenport. That’s the reality for the Figge Art Museum after gunfire erupted Sunday morning.

“It’s awful,” said Figge Chief Financial Officer Todd Woeber. “Luckily it’s on a side of the building that is not quite as visible to our visitors, but yeah, it’s disappointing. It’s very sad.”

Ten windows need to be replaced. And getting the replacements is easier said than done,

“Some of them are pretty high, so it’s going to take special equipment to get up there,” Woeber said. “It’s going to take a special glass run. This is custom glass, so we don’t have this much in stock.”

The process for getting the special glass made and reinstalled is very lengthy.

“First, we’ve got to get the glass made,” Woeber said. “It’s custom glass so we’ve got to go to the glass manufacturer to see what kind of run we can get in. I don’t know what kind of queues they have in their time frame.”

“Then the frames of the panels need to come out,” he said. “The new glass needs to be installed. All of that is done off sight and then and then they need to be brought back in and reinstalled.”

As for when everything will be fully repaired, Woeber expects it to be a while.

“Unfortunately, we’re looking at many months,” he said. “It could be late fall. We’re hoping by the time snow flies we’ve got it taken care of. So it’s logistically gonna be a challenge.”

Woeber estimates the damage from $75,000 to $100,000. Fortunately for the Figge, insurance will cover most of the repairs. Woeber says the facility has had some previous damage to that side of the building, but never anything to this extent.

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