Pedestrians walking on the I-74 bike path are asking for safety measures after Sunday morning’s deadly accident.

Residents are concerned about the lack of barriers and other safety measures on both sides of the bridge.
Lisa Melton-Gonylor went for a walk with her family and after hearing about the accident, and she hopes changes will be made. “It’s a teachable moment to see how they got on and what can be done to make sure nobody else does it. There could be a fence put up or you know those rails that just help drivers,” Melton-Gonylor said. “We could’ve easily mistaken that bike path for a road when we are turning around to come back to park. Maybe it just needs to be a little bit more directional of where the good parking is so you don’t end up on the bike path two blocks over.”

The pedestrian bike path opened in late April, and many believe safety should be the number one priority. “We should be able to walk at any time of day or night safely. Maybe put some posts on either end to block vehicles from coming on,” Geff Loving, Davenport resident, said. “This is our first time on the bridge, and we’re already hearing about somebody driving up the concourse here. Something needs to be done about that.”

The incident is currently under investigation.