Residents continue to face many challenges after many days with no power

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More than 800 people are still in the dark in Davenport near North Division Street and West Kimberly Road. It has been three days for them with no power.

Michael Johnson is one resident still without power. He lives off of West Central Park and Division Street in Davenport. He’s been without power since Monday, but he’s been going with the flow.

“You do what you gotta do. You know use whatever light you have. Usually it’s like going back to the old days where you go to bed at dark and you get up, it’s still dark.”

One of the many problems that Johnson has encountered with the power outage is what to do with everything in his fridge.

“I had it full and I tried to keep it closed. I even had a bag of ice up there, but once the ice starts to melt you gotta mop it off the floor. You know the rest is gone.”

Another problem is trying to beat the summer heat without any air conditioning or fans blowing.

“At least it’s not 100 degrees out you know. That’s the only good thing. It’s been in the 80s and at night time it cools down.”

Simple tasks like opening and closing his garage door now take some manual labor.

“It’s funny because when I got home I used the garage door opener. It worked. I went in, the garage light was on, I turned it off, let the dog in the house, and that was it. There was no power. “

Despite the challenges, Johnson remains hopeful that power is restored soon.

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