Residents in QCA flocked to stores: Not taking chances with potential winter weather on the way

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When people hear that a potential major winter storm is coming.

Grocery stores, and hardware stores often see a big uptick in business.

Residents in the Quad Cities flocked to stores, not wanting to take any chances with the winter weather predicted in the forecast.

“I got plenty of groceries in, and make sure my car is full of gas, and I cancelled an appointment already so I’m ready,” says shopper Judy Drake.

Residents aren’t the only ones getting things ready for the winter weather. Blain’s Farm & Fleet are also making preparations. Right after snow made it’s way into the forecast, business picked up.

Brandon Feltenz, Assistant Manager of Blain’s Farm a& Fleet says, “Today I mean we had quite a few people coming in, already getting salt and everything. Most of our customers this morning the first thing they went for is the salt. We have quite a bit in the back still, but right now it’s starting to dwindle down a bit.”

Store managers are saying it’s important to prepare now, and not wait until the last minute.

“We try to have them up the front as close as possible. I think right here we have them in a really good spot. All the ice scrapers we have down in automotive very accessible. If they can’t find them that’s what we’re here for,” says Feltenz.

Bob Johnson, a shopper says although he’s waiting for a change in seasons, he’s prepared for what’s to come.

“Have the salt right there handy at the back door, scrapers, snow shovels,” says Johnson.

Other shoppers also preparing.

“I stopped at the grocery store picked up a few little things I might need in case I can’t get out for a couple of days,” says shopper Connie Gale.

Other items in high demand, ice scrapers, and shovels.

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